2015 52 Themes

1: A Street in Castelgandolfo by mariangela
2: Pleasure by Corinne Bramwell
3: Summer Fun by dspec01
4: Rollover by Cedecea
5: Autumn Morn 80 by Dacemac
6: A Little Vino by Joanne C
7: Shakes Glacier with River Beauty in Bloom by bettybrock
8: Morning Sun by Madame
9: Pour Deux by MOOSE
10: Spectator by bobmielke
11: Fall Sunset by vdjyvr
12: Yosemite by pacfam
13: The Greatest Generation by drjoerogers
14: Yellow Spheres 2 by Sue Taylor
15: Algarve Fishing Boats by Rapata
16: Gatehouse At Mohonk by Berengaria
17: Summer Escape by Arustler59
18: Sunrise by HMCA
19: Victoria Sunset by Efarnstrom
20: Smokey Sunset by Danudin
21: Chugging along by lruther1
22: Summer’s Last Rose by jjr1770
23: Death Valley Dunes by Kathy_lee
24: Street Scene – Cartagena, Colombia by Pete61
25: Eye Of The Needle by dicklaxt
26: Crooked Stairs by lindhawk
27: Mushroom Family by cahuczek
28: Rainbow Tree by rensnswmm
29: On the Marsh by Sepiana
30: Windmill and Cottonwood by nmhawk
31: Cowboy and Friend by duglas50
32: Tree lined by Storkington
33: Playing in the wind by kimiboo
34: Turtles in the Sun by arteest
35: Wedding Day at Church by pictureman62
36: Another daffodill… by SrMoment
37: Chilling Out by craftysnapper
38: Sailboat in Orange and Purple by Madame
39: Incoming by rhubarb
40: Kingfisher by fidofoto
41: Indian Medicant by hudakore
42: Inspiration by lsvejda
43: Mother’s Love by maureenterrien
44: My Monet by MsKaty
45: Leading Lines by JREWING
46: Fireworks by Blackmutt
47: Clowning Around by jsandrin
48: Strawberry Bay by cathie 1
49: Dramatic Moon by Jupeter
50: GG Vintage Toned by dandc
51: Minimalist by Jack the Lad
52: Merry Christmas by christellf


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