2015 365 Themes

1: A Night Like This, The Romantics, http://youtu.be/2LEkKCONGUE
2: Dig A Little Deeper, Jenifer Lewis, http://youtu.be/_lkyqLhLXQ4
3: The World is Not Enough, Garbage, http://youtu.be/8C5NLfYdZaE
4: Balloon, Echo and the Empress, http://youtu.be/ZPBX1DtbJ-Q
5: Steppin’ Out, Joe Jackson, http://youtu.be/0geIus67QkE
6: Simply Irresistable, Robert Palmer, http://youtu.be/LJ6j6eZ0kLM
7: Bus Stop, The Hollies, http://youtu.be/DFPu83ggTlM
8: Ain’t Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up, Garth Brooks, http://youtu.be/dyuZ5MqFAmY
9: The Only Place, Best Coast, http://youtu.be/AJW00gx4wvE
10: Heart of the Sunrise, Yes, http://youtu.be/L6lfhiUDMIo
11: Guns and Horses, Ellie Goulding, http://youtu.be/IDwbHeR0UYc
12: Waiting for the Sun, The Doors, http://youtu.be/3yueibLzHSQ
13: Take Me Home Country Roads, John Denver, http://youtu.be/KSmh6FO3T74
14: Down Under, Men at Work, http://youtu.be/XfR9iY5y94s
15: Birds of a Feather, The Civil Wars, http://youtu.be/iNafBiDxbIk
16: The Sign, Ace of Base, http://youtu.be/DNPjeIamsck
17: Which Way is Up, Stargard, http://youtu.be/dPMXGUzPjaM
18: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, BJ Thomas, http://youtu.be/hziG9Nr6KHU
19: Shake It Out, Florence and the Machine, http://youtu.be/WbN0nX61rIs
20: Trick of the Light, The Who, http://youtu.be/z2kdGq708Zg
21: Nothing Ever Goes As Planned, Styx, http://youtu.be/-sXd3_CL9X4
22: I’m Walkin’, Fats Domino, http://youtu.be/Y29RZpHnkq8
23: Dry As A Bone, Georgiana Starlington, http://youtu.be/fNaMSRoj3yg
24: Jet Airliner, The Steve Miller Band, http://youtu.be/e0mQ1ojc9PQ
25: She’s a Beauty, The Tubes, http://youtu.be/mQ_k_VG6Syc
26: Jack & Jill, Raydio, http://youtu.be/b0iS-bEWsQA
27: House of the Rising Sun, The Animals, http://youtu.be/5A-4VGfx5lU
28: A Lack of Color, Death Cab for Cutie, http://youtu.be/F-wLgrRNFS0
29: Scarborough Fair, Simon and Garfunkel, http://youtu.be/Dau2_Lt8pbM
30: Days Like These, Asia, http://youtu.be/4KX4AcpMKK4
31: If I Didn’t Have You, Billy Crystal, John Goodman, http://youtu.be/fEqrt6nZTS4
32: For Your Eyes Only, Blondie, http://youtu.be/Y2Y-hCydiXA
33: Stray Paper, Tift Merritt, http://youtu.be/ps2YMXkRrE4
34: Standing on Higher Ground, Alan Parsons Project, http://youtu.be/ggijVDI6h_0
35: Gold, Spandau Ballet, http://youtu.be/ntG50eXbBtc
36: Black White and Blue, Ladyhawke, http://youtu.be/lL1TbMAPbF0
37: Get Smart Theme, Trevor Rabin, http://youtu.be/B9AFjuCn0Zg
38: Leave the Pieces, The Wreckers, http://youtu.be/pHfSuBglk8E
39: Street Life, Randy Crawford, http://youtu.be/cnNyxy7XPfs
40: Clocks, Coldplay, http://youtu.be/d020hcWA_Wg
41: Roam, The B-52’s, http://youtu.be/iNwC0sp-uA4
42: Cheeseburger in Paradise, Jimmy Buffett, http://youtu.be/jBsPZV14I-k
43: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Leo Sayer, http://youtu.be/7YvPwQdJdkc
44: Still The One, Orleans, http://youtu.be/fNQ_A9bJBt4
45: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Elton John and George Michael, http://youtu.be/7t-AVCTn8JA
46: People Are Strange, The Doors, http://youtu.be/ZRAr354usf8
47: Nightshift, The Commodores, http://youtu.be/FrkEDe6Ljqs
48: Gravity is My Enemy, Men Without Hats, http://youtu.be/NE1N7CcWKwI
49: Free Bird, Lynryd Skynyrd, http://youtu.be/ahvSgFHzJIc
50: Barbie Girl, Aqua, http://youtu.be/ZyhrYis509A
51: A Month of Sundays, Don Henley, http://youtu.be/T4Ko3SMSAgY
52: The Plastic Age, The Buggles, http://youtu.be/u26iSfW20DI
53: Freestyle, Lady Antebellum, http://youtu.be/eQ_yFtOcdEQ
54: Come Fly With Me, Frank Sinatra, http://youtu.be/-wa0c8CD1Jw
55: Pretty in Pink, The Psychedelic Furs, http://youtu.be/pqmTMiIMG74
56: Escape (The Pina Colada Song), Rupert Holmes, http://youtu.be/w5_EIikdFr8
57: A Bad Dream, Keane, http://youtu.be/WbLoYVnh4sY
58: The Road Not Taken, Bruce Hornsby and the Range, http://youtu.be/yDjugxLRpvo
59: If Looks Could Kill, Heart, http://youtu.be/iR0fIUu0rWU
60: Saturday Night, Bay City Rollers, http://youtu.be/dBn2ux5vRHk
61: Our Town, James Taylor, http://youtu.be/15FH7ia4u6I
62: The Living Daylights, a-ha, http://youtu.be/de2rBeWNgFo
63: Green Grass and High Tides, The Outlaws, http://youtu.be/DGrZwU6wde0
64: She Works Hard for the Money, Donna Summer, http://youtu.be/zwWx0Kzeqw0
65: Moon River, Audrey Hepburn, http://youtu.be/Q7SI7N22k_A
66: Stars and Boulevards, Augustana, http://youtu.be/Xih8l7YAT6g
67: Selfies, Nina Nesbitt, http://youtu.be/fXh8B4yWVKk
68: In The Dark, Billy Squier, http://youtu.be/mhbRlhQgj_Y
69: You Spin Me Round, Dead Or Alive, http://youtu.be/PGNiXGX2nLU
70: Living in the Past, Jethro Tull, http://youtu.be/EsCyC1dZiN8
71: I Can See Clearly Now, Jimmy Cliff, http://youtu.be/xzGV9Bl6CGg
72: Stormy Weather, Etta James, http://youtu.be/9migdK-LnPU
73: Sugar, Sugar, The Archies, http://youtu.be/h9nE2spOw_o
74: Men in Black, Will Smith, http://youtu.be/ghoedCxz8IA
75: Wire and Wood, Midge Ure, Not Available
76: Moonlight Becomes You, Bing Crosby, http://youtu.be/dUmkz95E7mw
77: Hanging on the Telephone, Blondie, http://youtu.be/uWhkbDMISl8
78: Heaven’s Made for Two, Haley Bonar, http://youtu.be/vBRqucZ-Ybc
79: Slicin’ Sand, Elvis Presley, http://youtu.be/ri3oqaZqAjo
80: Modern Love, David Bowie, http://youtu.be/n2je8B_2CeM
81: The Letter, The Box Tops, http://youtu.be/HIWY8UyW9bw
82: Working for the Weekend, Loverboy, http://youtu.be/zL8G5pBZ5CI
83: Poor Side of Town, Johnny Rivers, http://youtu.be/xwbeSgEEe5M
84: Spiderwebs, No Doubt, http://youtu.be/6ZktNItwexo
85: Boogie Nights, Heatwave, http://youtu.be/r8tW1cQtsw0
86: Endless Summer, The Jezabels, http://youtu.be/IvCr1UAcPc4
87: Hazy Shade of Winter, The Bangles, http://youtu.be/TxrwImCJCqk
88: Park Bench, Michelle Featherstone, http://youtu.be/m2lKdjXlGjQ
89: Who Wears These Shoes, Elton John, http://youtu.be/PFonOVlhBWI
90: The Music of the Night, Andrew Lloyd Webber, http://youtu.be/77umP7IRxD4
91: Reflection, Christina Aguilera, http://youtu.be/h8GUCQQZS64
92: Where Has Everybody Gone?, The Pretenders, http://youtu.be/Je0WMOywj1Q
93: Secret Journey, The Police, http://youtu.be/XkMyFMZXHmk
94: I Can Dream About You, Dan Hartman, http://youtu.be/621Nk3Ubz4A
95: Wildflower, Sheryl Crow, http://youtu.be/BBbhXvvrzm4
96: I Get Around, The Beach Boys, http://youtu.be/MDIBMaCTwFw
97: Cool for Cats, Squeeze, http://youtu.be/uJ2cEc_TCH8
98: Come To My Window, Melissa Etheridge, http://youtu.be/5EGx4_WSMSE
99: Boat on the River, Styx, http://youtu.be/K9Qs8-BkiLw
100: Back in Time, Huey Lewis and the News, http://youtu.be/-OO9LloDSJo
101: Flaws, Bastille, http://youtu.be/1E36WU9Wzf4
102: Barstool, Night Driving in Small Towns, http://youtu.be/h4yU_VIcQfE
103: Wild Thing, The Troggs, http://youtu.be/Hce74cEAAaE
104: Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door, Britney Spears, http://youtu.be/Iyco6bngpVc
105: Do You Remember, Phil Collins, http://youtu.be/w2loAlaonqQ
106: Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, Butch Stone, Les Brown and His Band of Renown, http://youtu.be/V5LbvmA0lr4
107: Anywhere Is, Enya, http://youtu.be/3OvYaHtr1DI
108: Take Another Look, The Cars, http://youtu.be/8r1Q6vc-kb8
109: Smoke, Natalie Imbruglia, http://youtu.be/JzbjYNUak4I
110: Do It Again, Steely Dan, http://youtu.be/sil76t2X_DE
111: Remember Walking in the Sand, The Shangri-La’s, http://youtu.be/Fy8_38U3xLU
112: Outta Time, Natalia Kills, http://youtu.be/vUcN1evFcCA
113: I Only Have Eyes For You, The Platters, http://youtu.be/FvzNeh4Mq1o
114: Lights, Ellie Goulding, http://youtu.be/0NKUpo_xKyQ
115: Paint the Town Green, The Script, http://youtu.be/W_hw8r2MWXo
116: Downtown Train, Rod Stewart, http://youtu.be/q6yk9wWNB08
117: Time Of The Season, The Zombies, http://youtu.be/pHfSuBglk8E
118: Welcome to the Machine, Pink Floyd, http://youtu.be/9qEsTCTuajE
119: Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, Tears for Fears, http://youtu.be/SZobpw-aw0Q
120: Wait Another Day, Uh Huh Her, http://youtu.be/eL8NGugG-EM
121: You’ve Got A Friend in Me, Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett, http://youtu.be/r6ka1tDjvUM
122: Secret Agent Man, Johnny Rivers, http://youtu.be/6iaR3WO71j4
123: Talk Talk, Talk Talk, http://youtu.be/0jA0S15dFlE
124: Long Black Road, ELO, http://youtu.be/2ZP8Ats8a-c
125: Wicked Game, Chris Isaak, http://youtu.be/KBx1Q3DEyDY
126: Yellow Paper, Royal Teeth, http://youtu.be/a6A8uZLySfA
127: A Sight to Behold, Eisley, http://youtu.be/5M90KIjKU2Q?list=PL645AC42CF252C17A
128: Wishes, Beach House, http://youtu.be/RlCClkrvE7c
129: Any Way You Want It, Journey, http://youtu.be/atxUuldUcfI
130: Heaven is a Place on Earth, Belinda Carlisle, http://youtu.be/NOGEyBeoBGM
131: Once in a Lifetime, The Talking Heads, http://youtu.be/I1wg1DNHbNU
132: Yellow, Coldplay, http://youtu.be/yKNxeF4KMsY
133: Red Red Wine, UB40, http://youtu.be/SYQ1lkP1j_g
134: It Don’t Come Easy, Ringo Starr, http://youtu.be/emKEFXWk4Yc
135: Everything Is Average Nowadays, Kaiser Chiefs, http://youtu.be/JTkSV7sXz8Y
136: Flirtin’ with Disaster, Molly Hatchet, http://youtu.be/a1IyrVeX0W8
137: Private Life, Oingo Boingo, http://youtu.be/yuxss1kBQWw
138: The Wanderlust, Metric, http://youtu.be/a7gg2LbHAco
139: Brilliant, Ultravox, http://youtu.be/kxqZKyqmvKE
140: Good Luck Charm, Elvis Presley, http://youtu.be/IhF_ofoNX3o
141: Heat Wave, Martha Reeves, http://youtu.be/XE2fnYpwrng
142: Blown Away, Carrie Underwood, http://youtu.be/pJgoHgpsb9I
143: Empty Garden, Elton John, http://youtu.be/AABK5eY1DGc
144: Songbird, Fleetwood Mac, http://youtu.be/z7kmw31nRDU
145: Tutti Frutti, Little Richard, http://youtu.be/3kM1khne_sg
146: Maniac, Michael Sembello, http://youtu.be/5x1K5UH2nek
147: Crazy, Supertramp, Not Available
148: On The Street Where You Live, Dean Martin, http://youtu.be/1pH9j8H0B4k
149: It’s A Miracle, Culture Club, http://youtu.be/YewVugPHon4
150: The Color of the Night, Lauren Christy, http://youtu.be/oKnMK-eqKfM
151: Under The Sea, Samuel E. Wright, http://youtu.be/GC_mV1IpjWA
152: Nobody Does It Better, Carly Simon, http://youtu.be/SaV-6qerkqI
153: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves, http://youtu.be/iPUmE-tne5U
154: Postcards from the Past, Billy Idol, http://youtu.be/-5vJ1xzfnDA
155: True Colors, Cyndi Lauper, http://youtu.be/LPn0KFlbqX8
156: Celebration, Kool and the Gang, http://youtu.be/3GwjfUFyY6M
157: There Are Worse Things I Could Do, Stockard Channing, http://youtu.be/UkZYJZY-x_o
158: All I Need, Jack Wagner, http://youtu.be/Xn8E9rrBt7s
159: F-Stop Blues, Jack Johnson, http://youtu.be/MpbGNCmMrEs
160: Day Tripper, The Beatles, http://youtu.be/fzUfItgyFxY
161: Hometown Glory, Adele, http://youtu.be/BW9Fzwuf43c
162: Everytime I Think Of You, Babys, http://youtu.be/LvvGgqV6SGo
163: Castle Walls, Styx, http://youtu.be/J_x45jDbyLg
164: Freeze Frame, The J. Geils Band, http://youtu.be/wHo43B6nu60
165: In God’s Country, U2, http://youtu.be/FCCeaOSbE7Q
166: State of Confusion, The Kinks, http://youtu.be/KNcvGwaJ-lI
167: Wasted on the Way, Crosby, Stills and Nash, http://youtu.be/Kg-Qdrr3XSk
168: Did It in a Minute, Hall and Oates, http://youtu.be/h0QlWXY7mz4
169: Hip to be Square, Huey Lewis and the News, http://youtu.be/LB5YkmjalDg
170: Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland, http://youtu.be/PSZxmZmBfnU
171: Livin’ Thing, ELO, http://youtu.be/_SfaVIVSwxE
172: I Got You, Split Enz, http://youtu.be/YmQlBfxh4Us
173: Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Poison, http://youtu.be/gYeZJ9_Hmwg
174: Out of My League, Fitz and the Tantrums, http://youtu.be/Z4mbxaa3XL8
175: Right Place Wrong Time, Dr. John, http://youtu.be/Y6RtVmc5dSE
176: White Wheeled Limousine, Bruce Hornsby, http://youtu.be/knXa28plnaM
177: Summer Breeze, Seals and Croft, http://youtu.be/DTv0K2SUlCY
178: Holiday, Madonna, http://youtu.be/0X7RyGBq2E8
179: Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins, http://youtu.be/siwpn14IE7E
180: I’ve Loved These Days, Billy Joel, http://youtu.be/kBW7jfCA-wU
181: Little Wonders, Rob Thomas, http://youtu.be/jsT2URr1Igc
182: No Good About Goodbye, Shirley Bassey, http://youtu.be/nEAWlUKRHHk
183: That’s the Way I Like It, KC and the Sunshine Band, http://youtu.be/83I9El6C47A
184: Smooth, Rob Thomas and Santana, http://youtu.be/28E8WKZ614w
185: In A Lonely Place, The Smithereens, http://youtu.be/mlOVlqUcB8A
186: Old Haunts, The Gaslight Anthem, http://youtu.be/iFwhx6YCtsk
187: 5 O’Clock in the Morning, The Village People, http://youtu.be/kkpZQL0kR6k
188: Season’s Change, Expose, http://youtu.be/lCQiYJrsqYo
189: Somewhere Only We Know, Keane, http://youtu.be/Oextk-If8HQ
190: Hands, Jewel, http://youtu.be/AfsS3pIDBfw
191: Stuck In The Middle With You, Stealers Wheel, http://youtu.be/DohRa9lsx0Q
192: Mountain Sound, Of Monsters and Men, http://youtu.be/0gEVaniPOmU
193: The Polaroid Song, Allo Darlin’, http://youtu.be/un4e4VN1ANE
194: Faster than the Speed of Light, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, http://youtu.be/G1iOXAXgwNw
195: Chase Your Shadow, Secret Someones, http://youtu.be/aluSycD2nac
196: Goin’ Up The Country, Canned Heat, http://youtu.be/p0PjECSyJ7w
197: Razzle Dazzle, Chicago Musical, http://youtu.be/c-zEtAuKuUY
198: Hard Habit To Break, Chicago, http://youtu.be/5hbZU37D49k
199: The Long and Winding Road, The Beatles, http://youtu.be/Lxjaq1R3AYw
200: In My Room, The Beach Boys, http://youtu.be/1fQT-GjKlLw
201: I Want Candy, Bow Wow Wow, http://youtu.be/aMICD3aMZpw
202: One, Bee Gees, http://youtu.be/eP_a9XrHZgE
203: Moon and Moon, Bat for Lashes, http://youtu.be/hMzua0mwrVk
204: Pretty Good at Drinkin Beer, Billy Currington, http://youtu.be/XtMy5IBmX7E
205: Let It Be, The Beatles, http://youtu.be/ajCYQL8ouqw
206: (Keep Feeling) Fascination, The Human League, http://youtu.be/QqqBs6kkzHE
207: Crimson and Clover, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, http://youtu.be/Kd5MDLDanGo
208: Baby, I Love Your Way, Peter Frampton, http://youtu.be/t8HTWZgd_UM
209: Rock This Town, Stray Cats, http://youtu.be/0RxBHRZpIdg
210: Summer Nights, Olivia Newton-John, http://youtu.be/ucU5c9ilIIc
211: Let It Go, Idina Menzel, http://youtu.be/L0MK7qz13bU
212: Beautiful Stranger, Madonna, http://youtu.be/bxE3BFJWEEk
213: Firework, Katy Perry, http://youtu.be/QGJuMBdaqIw
214: Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Elvis Presley, http://youtu.be/UxaW9WZwXjs
215: Top of the World, The Carpenters, http://youtu.be/baSUO3zjneA
216: Sittin’ on the Dock of a Bay, Otis Redding, http://youtu.be/UCmUhYSr-e4
217: It’s A Sin, Pet Shop Boys, http://youtu.be/y7I5UaB7mx4
218: Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush, http://youtu.be/wp43OdtAAkM
219: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Dinah Washington, http://youtu.be/n0lyWfTOYyM
220: 9 to 5, Dolly Parton, http://youtu.be/UbxUSsFXYo4
221: Larger Than Life, Backstreet Boys, http://youtu.be/MEb2CecR11I
222: Flash, Queen, http://youtu.be/gNIVpMXHqlk
223: That Don’t Impress Me Much, Shania Twain, http://youtu.be/mqFLXayD6e8
224: Goodbye Blue Sky, Pink Floyd, http://youtu.be/58_S5e0AVU0
225: Leather and Lace, Don Henley and Stevie Nicks, http://youtu.be/Ew4pMpzC5B8
226: Telecommunication, A Flock Of Seagulls, http://youtu.be/volGysLN8oM
227: Everything You Want, Vertical Horizon, http://youtu.be/rZoD8JEFjAE
228: Spirit in the Sky, Norman Greenbaum, http://youtu.be/AxrhflFCyfM
229: Roll on Down the Highway, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, http://youtu.be/Hx52A3tZRSI
230: Animal, Neon Trees, http://youtu.be/gM7Hlg75Mlo?list=UUj…ergXwriEnrxCqQ
231: Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson, http://youtu.be/PivWY9wn5ps
232: It’s So Easy, Linda Ronstadt, http://youtu.be/sGQrmSLA43o
233: Spectrum, Florence and the Machine, http://youtu.be/iC-_lVzdiFE
234: Friends of Mine, Duran Duran, http://youtu.be/7a3DGP65m2o
235: Things Can Only Get Better, Howard Jones, http://youtu.be/-OO9LloDSJo
236: Somethin’ Bad, Miranda Lambert with Carrie Underwood, http://youtu.be/96id0511yHM
237: Slow Ride, Foghat, http://youtu.be/mIjZE4kcg_Q
238: Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin, http://youtu.be/6bD9t44JUD4
239: Neon Light, Blake Shelton, http://youtu.be/7yTKBwoVKqE
240: Daydream Believer, The Monkees, http://youtu.be/nU615FaODCg
241: Out There, Hunchback of Notre Dame, http://youtu.be/ZxFD7Tk8Kps
242: Mission:Impossible, Lalo Schifrin, http://youtu.be/mWGeRgFa-hI
243: L-L-Love, Astaire, http://youtu.be/-OIZ5fvMbw8
244: Waiting for Something to Happen, Veronica Falls, http://youtu.be/AkidhFXCm_U
245: Little Games, The Colourist, http://youtu.be/_hFJu-XF24o
246: Made A List, Churchill, http://youtu.be/tki_g49zR2E
247: Black Water, The Doobie Brothers, http://youtu.be/gV7a22pVrj0
248: Come A Long Way, Simple Minds, http://youtu.be/ajJA5HkV1A0
249: Open Your Eyes, Snow Patrol, http://youtu.be/fk1Q9y6VVy0
250: Through the Deep, Dark Woods, The Veils, http://youtu.be/KRDU69hPpEU
251: The Waiting, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, http://youtu.be/uMyCa35_mOg
252: Lights and Music, Cut Copy, http://youtu.be/8R1X2TxW5Rk
253: Low Budget, The Kinks, http://youtu.be/0HEW5bXqKbU
254: Combinations, Eisley, http://youtu.be/fk7NiIxrakU?list=PL645AC42CF252C17A
255: Forever in Blue Jeans, Neil Diamond, http://youtu.be/kAWpkBurVno
256: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, Frankie Valli, http://youtu.be/hQugcviHDTA
257: Money, Money, Money, ABBA, http://youtu.be/ETxmCCsMoD0
258: September, Earth, Wind and Fire, http://youtu.be/Gs069dndIYk
259: I Will Remember You, Sarah McLachlan, http://youtu.be/nSz16ngdsG0
260: Inside Out, Phil Collins, http://youtu.be/LBykz79qGXA
261: Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones, http://youtu.be/tO4dxvguQDk
262: One More Cup of Coffee, White Stripes, http://youtu.be/YeR6aDTdpMc
263: Red Skies, The Fixx, http://youtu.be/HXfc7VMyj94
264: Light and Day, The Polyphonic Spree, http://youtu.be/wN3rGIUx2ew
265: Middle of the Road, The Pretenders, http://youtu.be/Niz2DuHc5K8
266: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, Cher, http://youtu.be/eWeezUxIzaE
267: Any Colour You Like, Pink Floyd, http://youtu.be/W1oaXqBJRRQ
268: Man on the Corner, Genesis, http://youtu.be/pn0T1gUUp4M
269: First World Problems, Weird Al Yankovic, http://youtu.be/bwvlbJ0h35A
270: Shadows of the Night, Pat Benatar, http://youtu.be/et8pum4V3uI
271: It’s a Small World, Disney, http://youtu.be/7jiaU0xbOKs
272: Diamonds Are Forever, Shirley Bassey, http://youtu.be/XW6ZUfbqZtU
273: The Heat is On, Glenn Frey, http://youtu.be/gjzXlRzM6PQ
274: Sidewalk Safari, Chairlift, http://youtu.be/6HgwFOg6r0U
275: The Boys of Summer, Don Henley, http://youtu.be/DtxlvQqvDQs
276: Alone Again (Naturally), Gilbert O’Sullivan, http://youtu.be/D_P-v1BVQn8
277: Night Song, Lei Qiang, http://youtu.be/6WiLxgRDdyw
278: Halloween – Theme, John Carpenter, http://youtu.be/iP-jYiuDD9g
279: Ridin’ the Storm Out, REO Speedwagon, http://youtu.be/GVFgEBq0EKM
280: Autumn, Bear in Heaven, http://youtu.be/K32l-6TFpOo
281: School Days, Chuck Berry, http://youtu.be/48O0Fg6l3ds
282: Best Thing that Every Happened to Me, Gladys Night and the Pips, http://youtu.be/8FT5QF4JZUA
283: Wild at Heart, Gloriana, http://youtu.be/qv3PJ1YSHFs
284: Photographs and Memories, Jim Croce, http://youtu.be/nSJgWLSb0R0
285: When the Sun Don’t Shine, Best Coast, http://youtu.be/NPuOPpZGOEU
286: What Goes Up, Alan Parsons Project, http://youtu.be/tsSDkSOaM0g
287: Skeletons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, http://youtu.be/6ZnIDwnWJtA
288: My Life, Billy Joel, http://youtu.be/h3JFEfdK_Ls
289: U Can’t Touch This, MC Hammer, http://youtu.be/otCpCn0l4Wo
290: Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top, http://youtu.be/7wRHBLwpASw
291: Tubular Bells, Michael Oldfield, http://youtu.be/1hbQpjYtbps
292: A Long Time Ago, First Aid Kit, http://youtu.be/xUGTK0tOSLs
293: Paradise, Coldplay, http://youtu.be/1G4isv_Fylg
294: Ice Cream Man, Van Halen, http://youtu.be/i2RKWJD5ops
295: Night Spots, The Cars, http://youtu.be/5GzUWF4uRAU
296: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Alice Cooper, http://youtu.be/GASv1PJRgZI
297: Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra, http://youtu.be/oFmNgiEgPoQ
298: This River is Wild, The Killers, http://youtu.be/LJwea90rYHQ
299: Ordinary World, Duran Duran, http://youtu.be/dDLiVwpv89s
300: Better Days, Goo Goo Dolls, http://youtu.be/i-kHleNYIDc
301: Grim Grinning Ghosts, Disney, http://youtu.be/eavo08IXduQ
302: Somebody’s Watching Me, Rockwell, http://youtu.be/7YvAYIJSSZY
303: Pretty Maids All in a Row, The Eagles, http://youtu.be/pRSUBH5JFf4
304: Stranger, Jefferson Starship, http://youtu.be/9CGT47LQnPs
305: Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen, http://youtu.be/6vQpW9XRiyM
306: Dark Sunglasses, Chrissie Hynde, http://youtu.be/Dx3f0Dg4VSM
307: The Other Side of Life, The Moody Blues, http://youtu.be/USujNc5uPBs
308: Long Day, Matchbox Twenty, http://youtu.be/Lgoz3XkW1UM
309: No Time, The Guess Who, http://youtu.be/NPX48NpSRvo
310: Hot, Hot, Hot, Buster Poindexter, http://youtu.be/EhZba-P7R18
311: Umbrella, Rihanna, http://youtu.be/CvBfHwUxHIk
312: Caribbean Blue, Enya, http://youtu.be/Jl8iYAo90pE
313: The Camera Eye, Rush, http://youtu.be/o92nUObIWBI
314: Katmandu, Bob Segar, http://youtu.be/XG-wuWNIyzI
315: Desert Rose, Sting, http://youtu.be/C3lWwBslWqg
316: The Flame, Arcadia, http://youtu.be/ygiKIxdfFgM
317: The Chain, Fleetwood Mac, http://youtu.be/pcawnRIyeok
318: Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf, The Killers, http://youtu.be/GjHnk4vO8Zo
319: Big Time, Peter Gabriel, http://youtu.be/PBAl9cchQac
320: It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, http://youtu.be/BPCjC543llU
321: Life in the Fast Lane, The Eagles, http://youtu.be/04176XP9Ij0
322: Just a Job To Do, Genesis, http://youtu.be/Pga8UOqa7Ls
323: Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode, http://youtu.be/m0AKJMGxwpE
324: Lookin’ Out My Back Door, Creedence Clearwater Revival, http://youtu.be/Aae_RHRptRg
325: What Have I Done to Deserve This, Pet Shop Boys, http://youtu.be/Wn9E5i7l-Eg
326: Flying High, Jem, http://youtu.be/Ur-wMZjGbjE
327: In the City, The Eagles, http://youtu.be/5hCBLSsTnFQ
328: I’ve Got the World on a String, Louis Armstrong, http://youtu.be/gvJOzN-N0g0
329: Bubbly, Colbie Caillat, http://youtu.be/AWGqoCNbsvM
330: Because the Night, Patti Smith, http://youtu.be/uoGdx3I3dPE
331: The Bare Necessities, Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman , http://youtu.be/9ogQ0uge06o
332: All Time High, Rita Coolidge, http://youtu.be/bFurkDf6WXg
333: Who’s Your Daddy, Ringo Starr and Joss Stone, http://youtu.be/44FE0w0DreQ
334: You Can Do Magic, America, http://youtu.be/jb8Sa0jp7Pw
335: Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Kylie Minogue, http://youtu.be/IFx3WX4DES0
336: All Revved Up With No Place to Go, Meatloaf, http://youtu.be/TwVq-ADbVeo
337: Tuff Enuff, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, http://youtu.be/EcXT1clXc04
338: The One That Got Away, The Civil Wars, http://youtu.be/MnkM_ebv9BI
339: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, Fergie, http://youtu.be/0ZgjmE6xdaw
340: It’s Time, Imagine Dragons, http://youtu.be/sENM2wA_FTg
341: New Attitude, Patti LaBelle, http://youtu.be/QWfZ5SZZ4xE
342: Ring Them Bells, Bob Dylan, http://youtu.be/_-gZooq3Ylc
343: It’s Raining Men, The Weather Girls, http://youtu.be/l5aZJBLAu1E
344: I Think I Love You, The Partridge Family, http://youtu.be/wJYSu2OVCGM
345: Closer, Tegan and Sara, http://youtu.be/9e9NSMY8QiQ
346: Miles From Nowhere, The Smithereens, http://youtu.be/0Y_vwGXY-V8
347: Neighbors, The Rolling Stones, http://youtu.be/omGDmvNWLVw
348: Wild World, Maxi Priest, http://youtu.be/S4ZWD_0VRK8
349: Destination Unknown, Missing Persons, http://youtu.be/1WDly1Oc_P4
350: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross, http://youtu.be/pEnKEcBvBvw
351: Tangled up in Blue, Bob Dylan, http://youtu.be/YwSZvHqf9qM
352: When Your Smiling, Dean Martin, http://youtu.be/S8m7phKd1nw
353: Christmastime is Here, Vince Guaraldi, http://youtu.be/GPG3zSgm_Qo
354: Don’t Fence Me In, Kate Smith, http://youtu.be/h3Tpga-7YVA
355: Eat It, Weird Al Yankovic, http://youtu.be/ZcJjMnHoIBI
356: We’re a Couple of Misfits, Burl Ives, http://youtu.be/8xqACmJvqaU
357: Grand Designs, Rush, http://youtu.be/iRqQ6dL6ZJQ
358: ABC, The Jackson Five, http://youtu.be/ho7796-au8U
359: Always Something There to Remind Me, Naked Eyes, http://youtu.be/r_H4LTL28yk
360: Fire and Ice, Pat Benatar, http://youtu.be/dsKCU5ll3D0
361: Whole Lotta Shakin Going On, Jerry Lee Lewis, http://youtu.be/8yRdDnrB5kM
362: Pioneer, The Band Perry, http://youtu.be/6Z8OP8LIHho
363: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, The Pretenders, http://youtu.be/TWZUFuTtNg8
364: One Thing Leads to Another, The Fixx, http://youtu.be/JHYIGy1dyd8
365: Everything is Awesome, Tegan and Sara, http://youtu.be/StTqXEQ2l-Y


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