2014 52 Themes

Here are the challenges for the 52 in 2014 from Elements Village. As I create entries I’ll link them. I won’t be going in order. Also if I feel inspired I may take some photos from the 365 theme list or substitute from that list.

1 Help me make it through the night.
2 sentimental journey
3 My ding-a-ling
4 Got my mind set on you
5 Bless your beautiful hide
6 Oh Pretty Woman
7 Superstition
8 Wooden heart
9 Upside down
10 Think too much
11 Rave on
12 High Noon
13 Let me roll it
14 Steam heat
15 Monster mash
16 If I had a hammer
17 Purple Haze
18 Hard to handle
19 Little boxes
20 Everybody’s Talking
21 Reach out (I’ll be there)
22 So far away
23 Somebody to love
24 Half as much
25 Dreamer
26 Hurt
27 Brown sugar
28 Pictures of matchstick men
29 Light My Fire
30 When the sun goes down
31 Wish you were here
32 What is life?
33 Still crazy after all these years
34 High Hopes
35 In My Life
36 non je ne regrette rien
37 Once in a while
38 Mad World
39 Country road
40 Smooth operator
41 My generation
42 Up, up and away
43 Take a pair of sparkling eyes.
44 The Wanderer
45 Us and Them
46 Born to be wild
47 Games people play
48 Handyman
49 Respect
50 All things must pass
51 You’re so square
52 What’s up?


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